$5,310.88 raised for St. Jude!

St Jude PLAY LIVE.jpg

Wow! It's been an incredible month of generosity from our collective communities! Thank you to everyone who donated to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in May. With your help, we raised $5,310.88 for this amazing cause. 

Here are some highlights captured by our Twitch communities, from St. Jude streams with BeetleAtBay, CaptSugarSpice, GlitchButt and MetagameMike.

There goes Jimmy Cricket - Clipped by DaV1rus
PogChamp! She did it!! - Clipped by AtelierNoire
Parsely, dono for kids charity, and WHAT ARE THESE FACES? - Clipped by MultiverseMob

Is that a reset? I'm calling the Police! TwitchCop - Clipped by MiranBatti