SUPER RARE was formed in August 2017, with the goal of creating a tight-knit family of Twitch broadcasters that not only promoted good vibes, but also actively supported each other's content. 

We strive to provide a welcoming space within our individual communities and love connecting with other casters as well. Whether it’s in the form of a host, raid, retweet or just being generally social, we are friendly advocates for networking with our fellow content creators.

Above all, we are focused on promoting positivity and committed to maintaining a non-toxic environment whether it's in-game, in-chat or offline.  


In addition to our stream team, we also recently launched our own esports-inspired design label that advocates positivity within gaming and online communities at large. Now until the end of 2018, 50% of our earnings from any sale in our store will be donated directly to Charity Gaming, a non-profit organization providing video games to children suffering from chronic diseases as a way to bring joy back into their lives.